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Deter-It™ Animal Control System

Nelson Deter-it™ Animal Control is a highly effective kinetic energy projectile that is in use by a large number of local, state, and federal agencies throughout North America for animal control. Deter-it uses a standard .68 caliber paintball gun to deliver approximately 17 ft/lbs of kinetic energy to an animal and compel deterrence of undesired behavior and compliance without penetration or other serious injury. The gelatin projectiles contain a proprietary dense, non-toxic, environmentally friendly liquid.

Nelson Deter-it™ Animal Control has proven effective on coyotes, wolves and bear, chasing them from areas where they are not wanted, as well as deterring other undesired behavior. Deter-it is far less expensive than other animal control projectiles, such as rubber shotgun slugs, cracker rounds, rubber buckshot, or pepperball-type projectiles.

Several US National Parks use Nelson Deter-it™ Animal Control as their primary animal control system. According to our government agency customers, the paintball gun Deter-it™ is fired from presents a softer public image than firearms. Agencies also enjoy Deter-it™ because it can be used in much closer proximity to people during quiet hours because of the paintball gun's softer noise signature. It is also being used as the main platform for black bear control in one of the larger Provinces in Canada.

Not intended for recreational use. Proudly made in the USA.

*Can not ship Co2 cartridges to Alaska or Hawaii. Please call us about packages with out the Co2 Cartridges.