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Nelson Announces Addition of Deter-it CRASHER Glass Breaking Projectiles to Tactical Product Line


Kingsford, MI May 1, 2010 Nelson Paintballs - Nelson Paintballs, the Inventor of the Paintball, has introduced Deter-it CRASHER Glass Breaking rounds for law enforcement and military agencies to complement its line of Deter-it Less Lethal kinetic energy rounds.

Nelson Deter-it CRASHER Projectiles are extremely dense injection-molded Nylon projectiles designed to break vehicular and structural glass upon impact during hostage and barricade incidents. Nelson Deter-it CRASHER Projectiles are extremely resilient, allowing reuse during training when used against even moderately hard targets and have an operating range of -60 to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit with an indefinite shelf life.

Rick Louys, President of Nelson Paintballs, said, ?Nelsons Deter-it projectiles are in use for less lethal applications by local, state, and federal agencies throughout North America. The addition of Deter-it CRASHER is one more step in rounding out our tactical product line. Nelson has a long history of solving problems that exist for its customers. We created the solution to tree marking needs for foresters, we created paintball technology, and now we are proud that we are providing solutions to tactical situations faced by military and law enforcement agencies the world over.

Nelson is the original inventor of the paintball, and has been selling paintballs since 1960. Nelson offers a full line of recreational paintballs, other paintball equipment and accessories, clear training projectiles, red-colored fill training projectiles, Deter-it tactical projectiles, SOC Tactical Gear, and EOTAC Clothing.

For further information and sales inquiries, contact Nelson Paintball Sales at (800) 236-9278.