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Nelson Offers Custom Paintballs for 100 Case Paintball Orders


multiballs.jpgKingsford, MI June 21, 2010 Nelson Paintballs - Nelson Paintballs, the Inventor of the Paintball, now provides custom paintballs with a choice of shell colors, fill colors, grade of paintball fill, and scents to those ordering 100 cases or more.

Rick Louys, President of Nelson Paintballs, said, "We at Nelson provide the best solutions to the paintball industry. Our 100 case custom paintball capability showcases our unique manufacturing expertise and outstanding customer service. When you do business with Nelson, you aren't just a number, you are our business partner."

According to Louys, the new program, has proven quite popular. "This is a need that has gone unanswered in the paintball industry until now. We have had an overwhelming response to this program. If you want a pink and white shell, with blue fill and apple scent, that is what you will get if you order 100 cases or more. This is ideal for fields or events looking to differentiate themselves," Louys said

Nelson is the original inventor of the paintball, and has been selling paintballs since 1960. Nelson offers a full line of all-PEG-based recreational paintballs as well as other paintball equipment and accessories. Nelson's products .68 caliber, .62 caliber, .43 caliber, .40 caliber, and 6 MM in multiple shell and fill colors as well as clear training projectiles, red-colored fill training projectiles, Deter-it tactical projectiles, SOC bags, and EOTAC Clothing. Paintball sizes sold include .68 caliber, .62 caliber, .43 caliber, .40 caliber, and 6 MM in multiple shell and fill colors.

For further information and sales inquiries, contact Nelson Paintball Sales at (800) 236-9278.