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Nelson Paintballs, Inventor of the Paintball Welcomes New .50 Caliber Paintball Initiative


Kingsford, MI October 28, 2009 Nelson Paintballs - Nelson Paintballs, the Inventor of the Paintballl and originator of the .50 caliber paintball, is pleased to welcome the newest initiative to expand .50 caliber paintball play.

Rick Louys, President of Nelson Paintballs said, ?We were the originator of .50 caliber paintballs. We have been selling them since 1998 and have set the standard for .50 caliber quality with our manufacturing expertise. With our long and strong track record, we have long since overcome the hurdles to quality manufacturing that others will face. Seeing an increase in interest in our long-standing product is something we welcome."

Louys stated, "We know that there has been buzz recently in the marketplace regarding the .50 caliber paintball. The industry and players should know that Nelson has been manufacturing and selling these balls for over 10 years, largely as private label products, and welcomes the evolution of the sport. In addition to .50 caliber paintballs, we have been manufacturing .68 caliber, .62 caliber, .50 caliber, .43 caliber, .40 caliber, and 6 MM paintballs for years and continue to offer all of these products from our climate-controlled distribution centers in MI, OR, and AL, as well as through our strong network of dealers and distributors in North America and Europe."

Nelson is the original inventor of the paintball, and has been selling paintballs since 1960. Nelson offers a full line of all-PEG-based recreational paintballs as well as other paintball equipment and accessories. Nelson?s products include Anarchy, Special Forces, NelSplat, Hotspot, and Hemorrhage brands, as well as clear training projectiles, red-colored fill training projectiles, tactical projectiles, and custom encapsulation projects. Paintball sizes sold include .68 caliber, .62 caliber, .43 caliber, .40 caliber, and 6 MM in multiple shell and fill colors.

For further information and sales inquiries, contact Nelson Paintball Sales at (800) 236-9278.