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American Express payments will be subject to a 3% fee.

Shipping & Returns

Fuel Surcharges apply on all orders

  • $1.00 for orders $25.00 and under
  • $4.50 for orders $25.00-$100.00
  • $4.50 plus 1% of the order for orders over $100.00

For cost-effective shipping our primary carrier is FedEx.

Due to the flammable nature of paint materials Federal regulation requires that such products sent via airmail be classified as a Hazardous Material. This will result in additional shipping and handling fees being assessed.

In addition, such fees may be further required on ground shipments dependant on quantity of product being shipped.

Any special services such as lift gate requirements or special shipping arrangements will be subject to an additional charge to the customer. Please contact us prior to order placement to obtain these type of charges.

For alternate carriers or specific shipping and handling costs please call us at 1-800-236-9278.

Damaged Freight Policy

Before unloading a shipment, inspect the product for any visible signs of damage.

  • If there are visible signs of damage, immediately have the driver inspect the cargo before unloading. If possible, take a photo of the load before unloading; showing the damage while the shipment is still in the truck.
  • Have the driver list the visible damage on the delivery receipt, and have him/her also note that there may be hidden damage.
  • Inspect entire shipment within 5 days to identify any concealed damage. Separate the damaged product from the good product.
  • Notify Nelson Paint Company, Inc., The Nelson Paint Company of Alabama, Inc. or The Nelson Paint Company of Oregon, Inc. (collectively known as NPC) immediately by phone and in writing within 48 hours of discovering any damage, listing the extent of the damage. Please include the type of product damaged, the case count, and the total dollar amount involved. for plant information.
  • NPC will initiate the freight claim based on the documentation made on the delivery receipt and your written report. Without documentation on the delivery receipt a claim may be denied.
  • Retain the damaged product for inspection by either the freight company or it’s insurance carrier. Do not dispose of any damaged product until you have a written release from NPC to do so.
  • Final disposition of the damaged product will be at the discretion of NPC. Some of the possible options may include turning the damaged product over to the freight carrier and/or it’s agent, returning the product to NPC, or selling the product at a reduced price.
  • If this policy is not followed, you are taking sole responsibility for the damaged product, and no credit will be given.

    Please call us with any questions at 1-800-236-9278